What is php-odt?

Php-odt is a php library that help you create an ODT (Open Document Text) file, partially compliant with the Oasis OpenDocument specifications v1.1.

How it works?

OpenDocument files, "odt" files for example, are actually ZIP archives. An odt file created with php-odt will have the following structure:

ODT file (ZIP archive)
     |--- styles.xml
     |--- content.xml
     |--- meta.xml
     |--- META-INF/
            |--- manifest.xml

  • styles.xml: Contains the styles used in the document.
  • content.xml: Contains the content of the document.
  • meta.xml: Here are some information about the document, like the name of the author, the date of creation, a description, etc.
  • META-INF/manifest.xml: Specify the files contained in the archive, their names & mime-type.

So when you add some content, the text will be stored in "content.xml"; when you add a style to the text, it is inserted in "styles.xml" file; when you specify the title, description, author or any infomation about the document, it is inserted in "meta.xml" file.


php-odt needs PHP5 to work. Also you need the DOM and ZIP extensions installed in your server.